Masters Edition - 16 Weeks to Level Up Your Cycling [While Others Are Sitting On The Couch]

This plan was made specifically for the Cycling Arsenal Community and is FREE with a membership. You can join the Cycling Arsenal Community at ---- This plan is made to take any level rider and help them take their cycling to the next level over a 16 week period. Most of the time this period will be the Fall and Winter months, but the program can be used for any 16 week period. We have also structured the plan to have more built in recovery. This is generally much more important for masters aged athletes. Who is this NOT for? It is not for riders who don't care about improving. It's also likely not the best choice for riders with a big list of events over the next 16 weeks. How can it work for all levels? We have taken each week and prioritized the rides into 3 main rides of focus, and the other days being less focused or optional. This allows for a better balance of fun and focus, while giving different levels options of getting in more mileage to build their engine. The 3 main rides will be focused on either skills, technique, focused intervals of varied intensity, or just increasing your mileage. Focus changes as the plan progresses. But by the end of the 16 weeks, your riding buddies will be begging you to slow down. Does the program include strength work? Yup! Getting stronger both physically and on the bike go hand in hand, if for no other reason than to stay injury free. For the masters athlete, strength work helps preserve muscle and bone density. The program gives roughly 2 short strength workouts each week. Athletes also have the option to do live strength sessions with our coaches (this is an upgrade to your membership but you can try it for free). By becoming a member of the Cycling Arsenal, you will have a complete training system (including this program) and a proven success path to leveling up your cycling. On top of that, you have the CA coaches and community to help answer questions, cheer you on, and keep you motivated on your journey. (Powered by BPC Performance Systems)

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