Masters Swim Progression Program

This 8 week program, designed by a practicing Masters swim and triathlon coach, is for triathletes, current masters swimmers or fitness/pre-masters swimmers looking to improve mechanics and fitness to become Masters swimmers, or get better at swimming for their existing Masters swim team and progress to a more competitive lane.

The workouts are focused on speed strength and endurance. Learn drills for all 4 competitive strokes.

Learn all of the Masters swim terminology and "lingo." Learn how to conduct field tests to determine your T Time, cruise interval or base interval.

The program comes with a calculator that allows swimmers to understand how to understand the relationship between stroke rates, stroke lengths and their impact on velocity.

Learn key techniques for swimming Masters such as the underwater dolphin, streamline position and a 5 step flip turn sequence to learn proper flip turns and open turns.

Progress to improve your Individual Medley (Fly, Back, Breastroke, Freestyle) and the proper turn transition for each stroke.

The program comes with discount codes for swimming products and apparel from FINIS and Xterra.

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