Mountain Bike Enduro Plan

Most Enduro riders find that they have great skills and base endurance but struggle to maintain the high race intensity for the timed stages and then struggle to back this up for multiple stages. With this in mind Sport Scientist and Performance Coach Matty Graham has designed a training plan that focuses on building strength-endurance on top of their already established endurance base. Second to this the 'sharpening' the riders anaerobic threshold through interval training means they are able to rider harder for longer on race day. ‘What I have found working with a number of athletes wanting to start racing enduro's, is that most of them are die hard riders that have great base fitness and skills but lack the ability to hold their top end speed and lack strength endurance to get up the hills. This leaves them fatigued and unable to hold race hard for the entire enduro.’ Using interval training and scientific training principles this training plan aims to take a rider with good base fitness and get them race ready in just 6 weeks. ‘Most riders will find that the addition of some well planned interval sessions will see their on the bike performance rapidly increase getting them ‘race ready’ in a short space of time.’

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