MPI Half Ironman Plan (Intermediate)

Purchase of this 20 week plan assumes that you have completed 3+ triathlons (Sprints and/or Olympic) and that you can train about 11 hours per week on average for a 5-month program.The first few weeks are light with respect to intensity and volume so as to allow your body to adapt to training regularly.

At MPI, we like training every day, with focused speed and/or distance sessions each week. Consequently, there are many EASY sessions that are vital to your overall fitness while also promoting recovery. Make sure the Speed sessions are HARD when called for, and you’ll have no problem going EASY when we have you going EASY. We count on you, the athlete, to take responsibility and take that day off when your body tells you to.

Our weeks start on Monday as does this plan. It assumes your HIM race is on Sunday, if it's on Saturday, take out last weeks "Wednesday" and slide remaining days left.

If you have to adjust some sessions, keep a few things in mind: 1) always be rested for speed sessions & 2) make sure you understand that longer distance runs and bike sessions will take a couple days to recover from.

If you want to race prior to your Half Ironman, a couple Sprints or an Olympic is great prior to the event. We recommend you keep the last two weekends free prior to race to ensure you’re well rested and get the training you need in.

The swimming program is focused on freestyle improvement with session distances averaging around 2600 yards (2377 meters). You can get all drill explainations in the attached document. Bike and run sessions are often given in time and distance. We want you to make the distances if you’re a faster athlete.

We hope you enjoy the plan and achieve your goals!

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