MTB - 17 wk, 3 days/wk (1 mid-week, 2 weekend)

********* Program Overview - For time crunched beginner to amateur mountain bikers looking to target a specific event or can be used to provide a structured training guideline so you are ready to enjoy your mountain bike season. This program is scheduled to include some race simulation workouts, so you can plan smaller races throughout the program or join some spirited group rides. This program does include interval work, but I have kept things simple and easy to follow. Follow the program exactly as it is written or use it as a guideline. ********** Ideal Target Race - This program is designed for a target race that will take you somewhere between 2.5 and 4 hours to finish. Example races would be the Chequamegon 40, Ore to Shore, Lutsen 39er, Ice Man or Mid Distance Epic Rides events. ********** Timeline - This program is 17 weeks long and broken down into 7 periods. The first 5 periods are 3 weeks long with the 3rd week being a recovery week. These periods are followed by a peak week and your final race week. The max individual workout length is 2.5 hours. ********** Modifications - I have included program and workout modification suggestions for individuals targeting longer races or those that have more or less weeks available till their target race than 17 weeks

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