MTB: Cat II - Sport Level Plan Mountain Bike weeks 1-8

This is a great 8 week training plan designed for Mt. Bikers with 10-12 hours each week to train. This is the plan for a sport mountain biker or the rider that is ready to take their skills to the next level. You will need a heart rate monitor or power meter to get the best results from this plan. Drawing on the experience of coaching over 500 athletes, Hunter Allen brings his expert coaching knowledge to the plan and each workout is designed with success in mind. Jeremiah Bishop brings years and years of racing and training to this plan, along with key workouts that he has honed over the years to specific encouragement, you are getting two coaches for the price of one here! Each day, you'll get specific workouts that will challenge you, motivate you and get you off the couch and out on the trails! It's time to get faster, stronger and enhance those mountain biking skills. At the end of this 8 Week plan, you'll be fitter and faster. Learn the power training secrets of the best in the business!

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