MTB Gran Fondo & Endurance Event Training Plan

The BWC MTB Gran Fondo & Endurance Event Training Plan is designed to help Athletes achieve their best event form. By managing recovery and dosing training stress properly, this Training Plan ensures that the Athlete will arrive at their goal event in peak form without the burnout that can be associated with a heavy training schedule. The program focuses on develop three main aspects of the Athletes ability: Endurance Fitness, Threshold Power, and Pedaling Dynamics/Increased Cadence. By targeting each of these areas, the program helps the Athlete develop a three-pronged and well-rounded level of fitness that will ensure they can smash their goal event. As Coaches, we would like to invite purchasers of this Training Plan to 'attach' to our TrainingPeaks Coach Account. This allows us to include 'value add' services, like a power-test analysis, which sets the stage for the entire Training Plan. Also, by attaching to our TP Coach Account, workout volume will be adjusted based on current training commitments. Additionally, there are a few custom workouts that will be tailored by BWC once the Athlete purchases the Training Plan. It is our goal to see our Athletes progress, be successful, and achieve their goals. We feel a great way for us to achieve that is to be able to follow your progress! For more information or specific questions regarding this Training Plan or the services we offer, email us at or visit us at or Important Notes: #1- This Training Plan is a 12-week program that includes three Build phases, various recovery weeks, a prep-event, and a taper week ahead of the goal event. #2: The training zones associated with this Training Plan are almost entirely based on Power-Meter values, thus the use of Power Meter is very important. If you do not have access to a Power Meter, do not despair, the values can be adjusted to Heart Rate or Perceived Exertion if you 'attach' to the Big Wheel Coaching TrainingPeaks Coach Account. #3: This Plan includes a weekly section called 'Monday Motivation and Coaches Perspective', which discusses weekly training objectives, but also offers insight and inspiration for the week ahead. #4: A BWC Post Event Analysis work-up is included with this Training Plan. This document helps Athletes recount what what went well and what can be learned from their experience in order to help them better prepare for future target events. It is a very useful tool that our Coached Athletes enjoy utilizing in their training.

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