MTB PhD 12-week Pre-Season Training for Mountain Bikers

This is an off-season plan designed around the principles used to train Seamus Powell to his national titles in Super-D and XC as well as other top athletes like Jeff Lenosky. The plan's goal is simple: train things we don't always get to during the season -before the season- so you're ready to go when it starts. We work on strength in the gym throughout the 12 weeks, but also address aerobic training through both cross-training and riding. Both of these we have found very important not only to build on weaknesses we may have, but also to prepare our minds and bodies for a long season of being fired up on riding MTB! A lot of the coldest and dreariest weeks of the year are spent in the gym rather than simply suffering on the trainer. The end of the plan focuses big on training to increase our threshold power, which is highly correlated to any kind of endurance performance, but it's also something we almost completely miss out on as mountain bikers simply by the nature of our sport. The plan is designed to get you into spring ready to either take on the trails or follow on with another plan for race-specific or genre-specific (e.g. enduro; DH; XC... even road!) preparation. Whether you are an XC whippet or downhill fiend, the workouts you will follow in the pre-season plan will have you ready! Plan comes with handbook for ease of reference!

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