Musselman 2015

Simplicity is the key to this plan written specifically for Musselman. This plan minimizes the mental stress of the training process and makes it easy to chart and track progress. The overall volume of training and the duration of the swim, bike, and run sessions increase as the plan unfolds allowing you to build endurance. There is also some variation in the intensity of training, with moderate-intensity, moderately high-intensity, and high-intensity workouts regularly performed in each discipline. This training at different intensities builds fitness in different and complementary ways to build greater fitness with a smaller time commitment than an all-moderate intensity training plan. Finally, the long, endurance-building workouts and higher-intensity workouts become increasingly race-specific as you go along. This 20-week Musselman is appropriate for athletes of any level of experience and competitiveness. This plan contains both distance and duration type workouts. However, the long rides and runs are based on distance. Each week has a minimum of three swim, bike, and run workouts including bike to run brick workouts. Some week contain multiple bike to run brick workouts. Monday is a rest day and every fourth week is a reduced-volume recovery week. There are only a handful of different types of workouts, each of which have a simple format and are simple to execute.

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