NEW Duathlon: Base Period 2, 8-13 hrs/wk, Intermediate/Advanced 12 Weeks

New for 2013/2014. This 12 week training plan, written by former Duathlon Natonial Champion, coach, and founder Eric Schwartz, is for intermediate to advanced duathletes. You should have completed at least 6 weeks of consistent training before starting this plan. This plan is a good follow up the the Base Period 1 plan and it is a perfect lead-in to several of my 12 week training/racing plans. The standard week includes: recovery day on Monday, two workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, one workout on Wednesday and Friday, a brick workout on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. But not all weeks follow that layout. Weeks 3, 7, and 10 are lower volume and/or lower intensity designed to allow for recovery so you can get the most from this 12 week training block There is a wide latitude in workout duration. If you are time limited, don’t feel obligated to do the maximum time, or even the minimum prescribed time. The key is to do the prescribed quality for each workout. If you do that you will be getting most of the benefit. You could follow this plan on 7-8 hours/week by cutting duration and leaving in quality. Testimonials for Eric’s Duathlon Training Plans are available here: Duathlon Training Plan FAQs: If you additional questions about this plan email at and I’ll respond quickly.

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