NEW for 2017 - Mountain Bike: Pre-Season Cat 1, Part 1; 8 week, ~13 hrs/week

This high quality training plan is designed for experienced high-level athletes looking to make big gains in the pre-season. This plan is appropriate for endurance and cross-country racing. The plan includes strength conditioning; cross training and core workouts for specific performance benefits that mountain bike athletes need. The plan accommodates training in moderate (seasonal) climates, to include some cross-training activity. My custom and fun bike workouts keep the training fresh, while building the important rock-solid foundation of fitness you'll need for a great season. This training plan is a refreshing contrast to long/slow/distance training plans, and is unique in its maintenance of all systems. Like a professional rider, a little bit of intensity in your off season will make the transition to racing easier; this plan will show you how. This training plan includes some cross training and strength conditioning work that does not require but could benefit from having access to a gym. This plan accommodates a full-time work schedule, with mid-week rides limited to 2.5 hours. Yoga is not incorporated in this plan. If you practice yoga, substitute out the short core workouts for your existing practice is great. Consultation and customization of this plan is available. E-mail me, I would love to help you attain your goals! Jeremiah Bishop 2x USA National Champion (

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