New or Inexperienced Marathon / 50 Mile / 100km MTB Racer - Day 1 through Race Day (19 weeks)

This plan will help you reach your goals or set a personal record for longer Marathon type events (40-60 miles) and is recommended for riders who have limited or no racing experience. Ideally you would have both a road and mountain bike, but it can be easily completed with just a mountain bike. A heart rate monitor is required. Power is not required, but it is recommended. Typical weeks will be around 10 hours of training (sometimes more), with recovery weeks around 7 hours of training. Most week day works are only 90 minutes or less. This plan will take you through every step and phase of the training season. This plan is designed for those who are new to racing or have never done a long mountain bike race (over 25 miles). Additionally, this plan incorporates running and strength training. The plan starts with a base period where endurance and efficiency are the focus. During this phase, workouts include endurance rides, weight training, running, and efficiency drills. As the program progresses, weights and running are phased out, and more intense intervals begin. After the base period, you will start the build period. During this phase the emphasis will be increasing threshold power and speed. The workouts in the build period are designed to improve your starts, increase your power, and improve your ability to carry speed for longer durations. The plan concludes with a two week taper before your target Marathon event. Throughout the plan you will perform field tests to gauge fitness and there are opportunities to incorporate other events and XC races. As always, custom plans can be created specifically for your needs, contact Pete at

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