new Preparation phase plan for 70.3

This 12 week plan is designed to help those living the northern hemisphere who expect to have their winter training curtailed by weather and road conditions. It provides an alternative approach to the preparation phase based around developing run and cycle economy (oxygen used at given pace), lactic tolerance and power through shorter and higher intensity sessions early in the year. It is designed so that sessions can easily be carried out on indoor trainers (for hill reps raise the front wheel on raiser block). vV02 max intervals will require a 6 min TT to establish vV02 max pace. The swim sessions are longer than most programs would use at this time with the aim of using these to develop aerobic capacity in a warm and consistent environment. It may also mean athletes can complete less swim volume later in the season when building bike and run volume again. For 70.3 or middle distance races volume can be increased during the spring to include longer race specific rides/runs outside once the weather is more conducive. The plan starts at 7hrs per week and rises to 9hrs max so will suit time poor athletes. However the sessions are intense and will require an athlete who already built up some training resilience through previous race seasons. It is most suited to experienced age groupers with 1 or more seasons behind them who are looking for a time efficient non weather dependent winter base.

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