NEW! Triathlon Base Training Plan 12 Weeks, Intermediate/Adanced

This 12 week plan is designed for intermediate to advance triathletes in the base period. You should have a minimum of 3-5 weeks of training before starting this plan. The plan allows for a wide range in weekly training volume. Most weeks average 8-9 hours, but there are options written into the plan that allow for higher volume in the range of 11-13 hours per week. The plan can easily accommodate athletes with lower volume by eliminating or shortening workouts. The plan is designed to be used with heart rate zones, power zones, or perceived effort. For example, a bike that includes zone 3 will work with both heart rate and power zones. The guide included with this plan (linked to below) includes info on how to set your zones or use perceived effort. Weeks 4, 7, and 10 are recovery weeks and allow for lower volume/intensity. If you have questions/comments about this plan email and I'll respond quickly. Training Intensity & HR Zones: Warmup & Cool down: Running & Cycling drills: Training Plan FAQs: Base Plan Notes:

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