Novice Marathon Plan - 20 Weeks - Sunday LR's

This plan maxes out between 40 and 44 miles at the biggest weeks, and starting with a 9 mile long run, peaking with a 22 mile long run. Traditional 2 week taper leading into race day. Optional Half Marathon at 12 weeks. This plan offers challenging workouts, workouts designed to help you set your zones, hill workouts, continuous tempos, intervals, and 1 marathon specific long run. For athlete running sub 30:00 5K's most workouts will be inside of 70-80:00. Easy runs max at 6 miles at a time during the week. This plan has 3 days off during the week. These are flexible days and could be used as crosstraining. The exception is during the peak weeks there are 4 optional 4 mile runs on Saturdays to extend mileage up to 40 miles per week in the peak weeks. All Long Runs are completed on Sundays.

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