Obstacle Dominator: 12-Week Obstacle Course Minimalist Plan

This plan is designed for those with limited time who still want the versatility of training to prepare for anything from a Sprint up to a Beast distance. It allows for three to five workouts per week and, although intense and difficult, will allow you to get maximum results in minimum time. More details at http://www.ObstacleDominator.com Instructions: This is a minimalist plan. Do workout A, B & C on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday Thursday and Saturday (your choice). Then on two additional days of the week, if you have more time or you want a more advanced plan (e.g. an elite training plan), do the two bonus workouts. This allows you to have either 2 days of rest OR 1 day of rest and 1 day devoted to longer aerobic work. TIPS ON HOW TO READ THIS GUIDE: When you read instructions the look like 5x5 it means the number of sets by the number of repetition. The first number is the amount of sets and the second number is the amount of repetition. When you see an “m” behind a number it means meters; such as 400m, this means 400 meters. To see an example of the exercise and read instructions on how to do the exercise, click on the links. A. 400m repeats with 4 second fall off from the first repetition- goal is to build a higher threshold to being at race pace B. 5x5 back squat, 5x5 push press and 5x5 deadlift C. Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Baseline Test- 20 minute As Many Repetitions as Possible (AMRAP) 400M run, 6 ground to shoulder with boulder at 45/80 lbs or power cleans with equal size weight with dumbbells, 8 pull ups, and 10 burpees

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