Off Season Cycling Plan Weeks 1-6 combo Crosstrain, Strength, Indoor/Outdoor: Intermediate

This is a 6 week routine for Off Season Cyclist(road, cyclo cross, and mountain bike). Focus is on a combination of xtraining, strength work, and indoor/outdoor cycling. Weeks 1-6 will introduce you to the routine where you will have multiple xtraining options(you choose what you have). In addition to this, you will strength train 3 times a week to work on building strength in the off season to help prevent injury next year, and also build muscle that will help put more power to the pedals when the training starts to pick up. Also, you will ride 2 times a week, either indoor or outdoors(depending on what you can do). These workouts are set up to maintain what you have worked so hard to build in season. They are short and sweet! Details of the Intermediate Plan: - Aimed toward the Cat 3,4 Road or equivalent Cat 2,3 Mtn biker - Workouts 5 days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday - Workouts range from 1-2+ hours a day including on the weekends - Xtraining includes any of the following activities: running, elliptical trainer, rowing machine, stair master, etc. You pick what you have access to and do the workout according to the detailed instructions the workout provides - You do not need a HR monitor: workouts are set up using both HR and/or RPE. See attachment for these details after purchasing the plan

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