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For some of you the off season is something you’ve been through time and time again. It’s just a 6-8 week block between the end of one multi sport season to the beginning of another. For others of you it will be the first one. So, what happens in the off season?

From our experience the athletes that maintain a basic level of multisport fitness have better results the following season than those that take extended time off. Why? If an athlete maintains fitness through the off season they can build on it and take a larger step up in performance the next season. An athlete with a base level of fitness who includes sport specific strength training AND some short high intensity bursts in their endurance training will be able to adapt to a higher load come the next training cycle. Using structured and frequent training sessions which work the proper energy systems the athlete is less prone to injury.

We have developed an Off Season Training Program which incorporates more tri specific strength training, flexibility sessions and run training to maintain fitness in the winter. The program is able to be followed online and for local athletes will include weekly coached run or functional strength training.

The weekly online training program will include: • 1-2 Technique oriented swim workouts • 1-2 bike workouts to work the aerobic and anaerobic systems appropriately for Off Season • 4-5 run workouts programmed to build the athlete up for Half Marathon distance. Full marathon run workouts can easily be added. • 2 Functional Strength Training workouts with access to BodyZen’s multi sport focused Strength Training Manual • 1 flexibility session • Online comprehensive training log

You have two options: Complete Program Eight week online training program through One weekly session with the BodyZen group Email/phone support with the coaches Weekly BodyZen Newsletter Discount at online and local triathlon retailers Price: $199.00

E Version Program Online only version Email support with the coaches Weekly BodyZen Newsletter Discount at online and local triathlon retailers Price: $99.00

For the E Version use coupon code: e version

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