Official 12 Week Lean Muscle Building Plan for Endurance Athletes

Are you tired of your cycle legs dying on the hills? --------------------------------------- Tired of watching your competition snake by you in the water? --------------------------------------- Tired of feeling like your legs are comletely smoked after a run workout? --------------------------------------- The "Multi-Sport FORCE" plan for TrainingPeaks, designed by Personal Trainer of the Year Ben Greenfield, is your solution to finally feel like your body has muscle - lean muscle. You'll get full access to the brand new TrainingPeaks exercise video library with structured workouts designed by endurance athlete strength training expert Ben Greenfield. --------------------------------------- With just three 40 minute workouts per week over a 12 week training period, you'll discover fast force-producing muscle you never knew you had! --------------------------------------- This strength training plan is designed for the triathlete, endurance athlete, runner, cyclist or swimmer who needs more lean muscle, more fast-twitch force, more power, more strength, and less FAT! -------------------------------------- The "Multi-Sport FORCE" can easily insert into any of your existing TrainingPeaks plans, or be used as part of a brand new training program. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced individual - this plan is highly flexible and designed for all levels. --------------------------------------- Have a race approaching? The plan is split into 4 week cycles. The first 4 weeks are strength & force. The second 4 are strength, force & power. The final 4 weeks are power & athleticism. So those last 4 weeks are BEST for leading up to a race! --------------------------------------- Questions? E-mail the plan author:

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