Olympic Base-Build-Peak-Race, Power or HR, 9-12 hrs/wk.

This triathlon plan was takes you through the entire 24-week (6 month) preparation period for an A-priority sprint- or Olympic-distance race. It is intended for the serious intermediate triathlete who wants to improve race performance without training as extensively as the seasoned advanced triathlete. This plan will work for any intermediate triathlete regardless of age. Since this plan lasts 24 weeks and provides everything you need in preparing for your race it saves you about $20 over purchasing the individual Olympic Base and Olympic Build-Peak-Race plans. In this plan weekly training volume varies from 9-12 hours. It was created by Joe Friel following the principles described in his Triathlete's Training Bible and his other triathlon books. The plan works well whether you use a heart rate monitor or power meter to gauge the intensity of your bike workouts. Swim workouts are based on pace and perceived exertion, and runs primarily on heart rate (with some pace workouts). Starting at around 10.5 hours/week the schedule gradually increases your weekly volume to 12.5 hours by the 8th week. Then it reduces the weekly volume slightly as training intensity rises. There is a rest and recovery week every third week which usually culminates with testing in all 3 sports. The tests will give you good feedback on how you are progressing toward your race goal. If you are starting this plan with fewer than 24 weeks remaining until your A race you may start at any point along the way so long as you have been training consistently for at least the number of weeks you are missing from the schedule. Most weeks include 3 workouts in each sport plus strength training once (last 12 weeks) or twice (first 12 weeks). You should have your bike and run heart rate, and/or bike power zones established before starting this plan. Swim workouts can be started without pace zones being established. That will come later in the plan. (For detailed description of how to set your zones for heart rate, power or pace go to http://www.trainingbible.com/joesblog/2009/11/quick-guide-to-setting-zones.html.)

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