Olympic Base Period (Intermediate/UNDER age 50) 10-13hrs/wk

Using the proven methodology described in The Triathlete's Training Bible, this program provides a Base training program for the intermediate, UNDER-50 athlete who trains for Olympic-distance triathlons. To start this program you should be able to swim about one hour, bike over an hour and run one hour. Following this plan you will be ready to start the 12-week, Olympic-distance Triathlon (Intermediate) plan.

Be sure to download 'Using HR, Power and Pace' at http://home.trainingpeaks.com/media/154049/using%20heart%20rate-power-pace.pdf. For details on strength training go to www.TrainingBible.com and click on FREE RESOURCES and then on training workouts. Or see Chapter 13 in The Triathlete's Training Bible.

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