Olympic Build-Peak-Race Period (Intermediate) Power or HR 6-10hrs/wk.

This 12-week plan is specially designed for the intermediate triathlete, regardless of age, who has been training for triathlon for more than 2 years and has a goal to perform well in his/her age group at an A-priority race, perhaps with a new personal best time. There should be an Olympic-distance (S-1500m/B-40k/R-10k) triathlon scheduled for the 12th week of this plan (either Saturday or Sunday--the plan allows for either). This detailed and easy-to-follow training plan starts includes a short, 3-week Base period to re-establish general fitness, then provides a few weeks of Build period training followed by a Peak (taper) period and Race week. To start this plan you should be capable of swimming 45 minutes, running up to an hour, and biking for up to 90 minutes. The weekly hours range from 6 to 10 with 9 hours per week being the most common. In a typical week you will do 3 swims, 3 bikes and 3 runs. There also bricks scheduled throughout to prepare you for the race. Self-testing is included to help gauge progress toward a high age group placing. It does NOT include a weightlifting program, but suggestions are made for what to do and when to lift if you intend to continue a strength program started in your preceding Base period plan. To gauge intensity on the bike this plan provides options for heart rate or power meter. All of your training zones for swim, bike, and run should be established before starting this plan. (For detailed description of how to set your zones for heart rate, power or pace go to http://www.trainingbible.com/joesblog/2009/11/quick-guide-to-setting-zones.html.)

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