Olympic Distance Triathlon Plan / Intermediate, 2 -3 Yrs. Exp.

Welcome to the Olympic Distance Tri Training plan by Coach Troy Jacobson. Please read the following plan description to learn more prior to selecting this plan. PURPOSE: This program is designed for the intermediate - advanced level (2-3 years of tri training/racing exp.) triathlete with a moderate - high level of general conditioning who wishes to compete in the "olympic" or International Distance of 1.5K Swim | 40K Bike | 10K , and maximize their personal potential. It is recommended that prior to starting this program, the athlete has the ability to swim 1500 yds straight, bike 40 miles comfortably and run 6 miles without difficulty. This plan is intended for the experienced triathlete with a solid base of multisport fitness prior to starting the plan! This program does not specificy strength training or meal plans. It is recommended by the author that you incorporate resistance training into your program two - three times per week (Ex. Tues./Fri./Sun) during this training cycle. Workouts are specified according to time, intensity and distance goals for each day of the week. Coaching tips and notes are also offered throughout the plan and are also available at www.mplstri.com or www.coachtroy.com The workouts contained in this program are given an intensity description by Zones that are simple and easy to understand and use. Advanced athletes can use heart rate, power (on the bike) or PE(perceived effort) to monitor their daily training intensities. In general, the intensities for this plan are as follows: Zone 1: Recovery pace. Very low intensity active recovery 'shake the legs out'. Ideal after long/hard workout days and races. 'Noodle it'. Zone 2: Aerobic/Blue pace. Low to moderate intensity training. PE of 6-7.5 (Scale 1-10, 10 being 100%). Steady conversation effort. HR is at least 10-25 beats per minute below LTHR (lactate threshold heart rate). Zone 3: Aerobic Endurance/Gray pace. Moderate to hard training. PE of 7.5- 8.5. Harder efforts that can be sustained for long periods of time. HR 0-10 beats below LTHR Zone 4: Threshold Training. Hard training at a pace sustainable for short durations. At and above 'race pace'. PE 8.5 - 9. Suffer a little. HR within 5+/- LTHR Zone 5: V02max Training: Really hard training, PE 9-10. Suffer a lot. HR 10-20 bpm above LTHR Prior to starting this program and again mid-way through the program, it is recommended that the athlete gets a metabolic test in order to set up target training zones effectively. Contact your local Life Time Fitness Center for more information. This plan leverages the knowledge base of the Spinervals Cycling Series. Although it's not required that the athlete uses Spinervals videos, it's recommended and suggestions are made as to which DVDS work best throughout the training program. If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact info@spinervals.com or visit www.spinervals.com Finally, when following this or any training program, it's important to closely monitor your personal health and well-being. This plan is intended to guide you, but ultimately it's up to you to listen to your body and to stay healthy and injury free. Good luck with getting started! Thanks for using the plan and let me know if you need anything during the process. Best wishes, Coach Troy Jacobson Head Triathlon Coach LIFE TIME FITNESS, INC. info@coachtroy.com

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