Olympic Training Group Plan Pumpkinman

This is an Olympic plan for beginners to intermediate athletes looking to finish their first Olympic race with a smile on their face. If you can do the following, you should be successful following this plan. If not, don't let that discourage you, 12 weeks is ample time to get up to speed in all three disciplines. You should be able to: -Ride a Bike 40 min (and own one...any bike) -Swim 200 yards without stopping -Run/Walk 40 minutes (any combination) The plan uses only precieved exertion and duration, so tools such as a heart rate monitor and power meter are not needed. After purchase of the plan, a free plan will guide you through the 12 week plan. The guide includes a lot of helpful tips and insight for the triathletes preparing to finish their first Olympic triathlon. Average training volume over the 12 weeks is just over 5 hours and peaks at just over 8 hours in the 10th week. Volume is lowest at the beginning and peaks in Week 10 of the plan with every 4th week scaled back for recovery.

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