Outside Magazine's 24-Hour Mountain Bike Race Training Plan (for teams)

Welcome! I'm Frank Overton of FasCat coaching and I am going to help you get in top shape to race a 24-hour mountain bike race with a team. This 24 week training program will prepare a beginner to expert level mountain biker for a four man 24-hour race.

The plan is designed for the athlete that initially has 1 hour a day to train from Tuesday to Thursday, and a little more time on the weekends. In the 2nd half of the plan 1-2 hours will be needed once a week to accompany 2 - 5 hour rides on the weekend.

This plan is not for soloist or 2-man team riders. The key to success with this plan is to stay consistent with your training and to achieve your weekly hours on the bike. If you miss a day (it happens) try to add back in the hours later on in the week to achieve your weekly hours.

Proper periodization is included along with regular rest weeks. Therefore there are rest weeks every 4 weeks to give your body time to recover and to keep you balanced with the rest of your life. The 24 week program progressively improves your fitness as you get closer to the target race date.

Ready to get in the best riding shape of your life? Let's go.

—Frank Overton, FasCat Coaching

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