Outside's Core Strength Training with TRX by Matt Dixon

Welcome! I'm Matt Dixon, coach to elite Ironman triathlete Chris Lieto and several other leading pros, and frequent contributor to Outside magazine (for more info, see purplepatchfitness.com). I've developed this 3-month, 3-days-a-week core strengthening program for Outside readers and recreational-to-serious athletes who want to build a fatigue-proof core for their sports using a simple piece of workout equipment I've come to rely on with my elite clients—the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Core strength training is the most important resistance work you can do for running, cycling, swimming, and many other sports and activities—allowing you to transfer power efficiently from your upper body to your lower body, and build up the stabilizing muscles that will help you maintain your form during the fatiguing final stages of a workout or race.

The TRX strength trainer is one of the most powerful new tools for building core strength—offering both extreme portability (it travels in a small bag and can be set up easily on a door frame or tree limb) and a virtually limitless library of grueling bodyweight exercises. This plan includes multimedia instructions for each move, which makes it easy to learn and master the simple TRX system.

To begin this workout, you'll need to pick up a TRX Suspension Trainer (FitnessAnywhere.com). I believe you'll quickly find it an indispensible fitness tool.

The videos for the TRX moves described in this workout plan were supplied by Fitness Anywhere. You can preview dozens of TRX exercises videos here http://fitnessanywhere.com/trx-resources/trx-exercise-video.php. The workouts in this program are the same ones I have my athletes do, and if you give me three months, I'll help you develop the core strength that will help you take your fitness to the next level.

Ready? Let's get going.

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