Outside's New Year's Day 10K Training Plan by Pete Rea

Crush your office mates in a New Year's Day 10K, then set a resolution that doesn't revolve around getting fit, because you already are.

This plan assumes you're an active person who doesn't necessarily consider yourself a daily runner. You hike, bike, and could probably run three miles if you had to. And at the end of this 12 week plan, you will run 6.2 miles. Fast.

Your coach is Pete Rea, the elite athlete coach at ZAP Fitness, a Reebok-sponsored post-collegiate training center for Olympic hopeful distance runners. ZAP also hosts running camps throughout the year for runners of all ages and abilities.

Each workout in this plan is broken down into time and distance. If you run a pace of 10:15 per mile or better, it is recommended you do the workouts by time. If you run slower, make sure to hit the recommended distances in each workout. Stretching and strength training are included in the plan.

Here's a glimpse at the first week of training, so you know what you're in for. You can do this.

Monday - rest day - optional non running session of lap swim, stationary bike spin, hike for 45:00 - 60:00 Tuesday – relaxed 25:00 / 30:00 run on flatter course (2.5 miles) Wednesday – rest day (optional non running session of light hike, swim, bike) Thursday – repeat Tuesday (2.5 miles) Friday – rest day (hike / walk) Saturday – 30:00 / 35:00 (3 miles) Sunday - longest run of the week 40:00 – 45:00 relaxed running. This run is very gentle (effort 65-75% of maximum heart rate) and at no point should you be straining (4 miles)

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