Outside's Shape of Your Life, Part III: Flexibility

Can’t touch your toes? We’ll help you change that. Part three of Outside magazine’s National Magazine Award winning fitness program introduces the exponential benefits of improved FLEXIBILITY. Along with interval training workouts and two days a week of basic strength training, you’ll get a fun and energizing 20- to 30-minute yoga regimen based on the fundamentals of Ashtanga. WHAT TO EXPECT: Three days a week you’ll be in the pool, or on the road or trail, for 30- to 60-minute cardio workouts, including interval training and tempo workouts aimed at raising your lactate threshold. On strength days (two days a week) you’ll get a complete regimen of standard weight-room lifts with one key adaptation: all the exercises take place on your feet or a stability ball. Lifting on a wobbly platform develops your core, a muscle group that transfers strength gains to real sports. Most important this month: Flexibility. On cardio days, we’ll prescribe a 20- to 30-minute Ashtanga yoga routine for the back end of your endurance workout. This routine is perfect for people who have completed month one or two of the Shape of Your Life program, or anyone who is looking to add range of motion to their mix of strength and endurance exercise.

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