Outside's Shape of Your Life, Part IV: Speed and Power

In part four of Outside magazine’s National Magazine Award winning fitness program, you’ll learn to use a basic foundation of strength and endurance to start adding SPEED--like the burst you need in a cycling sprint or 5-k kick--and POWER--the quick-move strength that allows you to shred a long mogul run or hop over an obstacle on your favorite mountain bike ride. WHAT TO EXPECT: Three days a week you’ll be in the pool, or on the road or trail, for 30- to 60-minute cardio workouts, including interval training on Fridays or Saturdays and tempo workouts aimed at raising your lactate threshold. On strength days (two days a week) you’ll get a complete regimen of function training exercises, plus a few Olympic-style lifts to increase power. You’ll also get a plyometric routine--box jumps and medicine ball throws--to work into your cardio warm-ups. These will help you increase your speed. This is a great program for someone who is already in pretty good shape, but needs a focused plan to fine tune their fitness base and reach the next level in performance. IMPORTANT NOTE: If this is your first plan with Outside, we highly recommend that you complete one through three of the Shape of Your Life Program first. Months 4 and 5 of the plan are based on participants having built a solid fitness foundation to be able to carry the heavy load. This is not for beginners.

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