Outside's Shape of Your Life, Part V: Balance and Agility

In part five of Outside magazine’s National Magazine Award winning fitness program, we’ll help you fine tune your sense of BALANCE AND AGILITY. We’ll show you how to take a series of standard strength-training lifts and destabilize them to improve your athletic stability and teach you three agility drills to mix in with you cardio workouts. WHAT TO EXPECT: Three days a week you’ll be in the pool, or on the road or trail, for 30- to 80-minute cardio workouts, including interval training on Fridays or Saturdays aimed at raising your lactate threshold. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you’ll get a comprehensive strength plan with an emphasis on destabilizing lifts to help you improve your balance--and stay upright on your skis or mountain bike while on a tough route. This is the final installment of our Shape of Your Life program, and a perfect finish for those who have tried the previous four plans, or anyone with a solid fitness and strength foundation who is looking to reach peak endurance and fine tune his or her stabilizer muscles and keep upright on, say, technical ski trails or bike rides.

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