Outside's Spartan Beast Race Training Plan

This 16- week plan comes straight from Spartan Race HQ. Created by Spartan's own Jeff Godin, Ph.D., associate professor and the chair of the Exercise and Sport Science Department at Fitchburg State University, it is the ultimate guide to preparing for a Spartan Beast race.

About the plan from Jeff Godin, Ph.D.: This Spartan Beast training program is not your typical workout routine. The majority of the exercise is intended to be performed outside. The more hostile the conditions, the better.

Spartan obstacles can be condensed into three categories: climbing (pull-ups), crawling (push-ups), or high power activity (burpees), so these exercises pop up frequently. The race is intense and you will accumulate lactic acid and experience muscle fatigue. Burpees condition the whole body and, if done consistently, they can reduce the negative effects that high-intensity exercise has on muscle power.

Mix balance into the plan at will. For example, on your next trail run, instead of just jumping over a log, run across it, or when you cross a stream try hopping form rock to rock.

The program assumes: - You can run a 10K in 60 minutes - You can exercise for 1-1.5 hours without excessive fatigue - You love getting dirty, to sweat, and don’t mind scrapes and bruises - You are intelligent and know the difference between pushing hard and doing too much

Also: If you can’t complete a full set of burpees, pull-ups, or push-ups, as the program is written, then do as many as possible. It is also OK to break the set into smaller sets, for example if the program calls for one set of 15 burpees, do three sets of five with a short break in between. Do what you can, always trying to do a little bit more.

Finally, toughen yourself up! Endurance races are 99 percent mental. Very fit individuals quit races because they gave up mentally. Find your comfort zone and test the boundaries a little at a time.

Ready to eat dirt and get in the best shape of your life? Welcome to the world of Spartan Racing.

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