Outside's Sprint Triathlon Training Plan for Advanced Athletes

SIGN UP FOR THE ASPEN TRIATHLON ($100) AND GET THIS TRAINING PLAN FOR FREE. SIGN UP NOW! OR, TO BUY THE TRAINING PLAN ALONE ($25), CLICK ON THE GREEN BUY BUTTON ABOVE. This 12 week plan was designed by former pro triathlete, coach, and owner of Purplepatch fitness, Matt Dixon, for athletes who want to build on their triathlon performance, having already completed a few triathlons. It is designed to take your current fitness and experience to the next level. There is a greater amount of work in this plan than in the Beginner or Time-Crunched Sprint plans, as well as higher overall intensity, but it is still grounded on the principle of balancing training load with adequate recovery to stay healthy. You should begin this program healthy and injury free, and be very patient with the workout progression. Train hard, but balance that hard work with integrated recovery, proper nutrition, and an effective functional strength program. Endurance training, recovery, functional strength, and nutrition make up the pillars of performance.

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