Outside's Tough Mudder Training Plan by Coach Jim Nix

Outside's 12-week Tough Mudder training plan, created by Coach Jim Nix of Maryland-based Full Circle Fitness Training, is designed to get you in top form to tackle a 10-12 mile Tough Mudder course.

It's divided into three phases. The first focuses on building strength and cardio. Phase two adds speed, and phase three adds power. You'll increase your run mileage from two to eight miles over the course of the 12-week plan, and build strength, starting with basic strength workouts and working up to Tabata training and plyometrics.

You can find the required equipment for your strength workouts, including monkey bars and swings, at any playground.

So grab some buddies, get fit, then conquer a Tough Mudder course together.

(Note: You can use this three month plan at any time for any Tough Mudder event. It's currently entered in the calendar to target TM Texas in Dallas on March 31/April 1.)

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