P90X2/Running Challenge Half Marathon (Build/Race)

I have created a custom training plan incorporating P90X for strength training. We will work on building race specific speed and endurance. This will take you through the “build/race” period of your training season. This plan is intended to follow my 90 day base plan

NOTE: There are several ways to get this plan for a discount or even for free. Here are your options:

1) Make me your coach on www.teambeachbody.com This is a free service and a free account that you create and I will help you through the program. If you create a free account with me or move your current account to me, I will send you a discount code for this plan.

2) If you purchase your copy of P90X or P90X2 from me, I will give you this plan for free.

3) If you get on Shakeology home direct with me, I will give you this plan for free.

Contact me at ryan@tribasetraining.com for details on how to accomplish one of the options above and get your plan for a discount or even free!

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