P90X2/Triathlon Off-season

This plan is intended to help you use P90X2 during the off-season to increase strength and flexibility and give you break from your triathlon or other endurance training without losing much of your endurance. It is imperative that you take an off-season and nearly impossible to maintain or improve all of your endurance fitness during that time. With this program, you will maintain as much of it as possible while also working on weaknesses to prepare you to come back even quicker in the new season. There is one swim, one bike, and one run per week in addition to a modified P90X2 schedule. The swim/bike/run workouts are mostly placeholders with recommended durations for different levels of athletes. Use whatever workouts you want there but don't go crazy in the off-season. Just a little time with good form will get you what you need.

NOTE: There are several ways to get this plan for a discount or even for free. Here are your options: 1) Make me your coach on www.teambeachbody.com This is a free service and a free account that you create and I will help you through the program. If you create a free account with me or move your current account to me, I wil send you a discount code for this plan. 2) If you purchase your copy of P90X or P90X2 from me, I will give you this plan for free. 3) If you get on Shakeology home direct with me, I will give you this plan for free. Contact me at ryan@tribasetraining.com for details on how to accomplish one of the options above and get your plan for a discount or even free!

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