Peak Criterium Racing Form in 6 Weeks, Cat 1-3 & Masters A, Power (New Workout Builder), 7-9 hrs/wk

This is a new and enhanced version of this highly successful training plan with proven results. The goal is for you to achieve top race form specifically for criterium type racing in 4-6 weeks from starting the plan. This training plan is designed by former international pro and top cycling coach Simon Kessler of This plan is the result of 25 years of professional racing and coaching experience combined with the latest training methods and research. Each week the training averages between 7-9 hours/week with a greater emphasis on quality intervals versus training hours. Using this plan with your Performance Management Chart your Training Stress Balance (TSB) is projected to be positive (10+) by the end of the plan as your hit your peak for your goal races. Please note this plan only works with power and is designed with the new Workout Builder Format. Simply input your current Threshold power in TrainingPeaks under “Zones” to see your specific power targets for each session. You can download any ride with the new Workout Builder Format into different file formats (ERG, MRC, FIT, ZWO) for upload to your Garmin, Cycle Ops Virtual Training, Zwift, Trainer Road, and many more. Before starting the plan you should have a good level of endurance fitness, be accustomed to training 7-10 hours/week, and already have performed some higher intensity training.

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