Peak performance preparation (8-weeks, Baseline LTP 200-250Watts) 7-13hrs/ week

This carefully designed 8 week plan is ideal for intermediate level cyclists (with a LTP between 200-250Watts) looking to perform well in short/medium distance or duration Road Races or Criteriums (up to 5hrs or approx. 140km ). The prescribed sessions provide specific conditioning so that an athlete can reach a planned peak performance on their event day. Weekly training time is typically between 7-13hrs, with no session length greater than 2hrs during weekdays. Sessions are power-based, scaled to Lactate Threshold (Coggans 7 zones) which should be determined prior to the plan start date. These personalised zones will be used for the prescribed intensities in each session description. FTP may be substituted using a robust testing protocol, although this value is a crude estimation of LTP, which could compromise the magnitude of the performance results. Or if you prefer to conduct remote testing in the comfort of your own home using the BSX Insight device, CPS In-Motion offer a generous 20% discount to customers. Please contact info@cpsinmotion. See more here The programme aims to improve neuromuscular, anaerobic and threshold power, critical to race success. Adequate general conditioning should have been undertaken previously, either coming out of winter training for the first spring races or to build on summer training in time for end of season events. The format involves 3 difficult weeks followed by an easier recovery week before two harder weeks and a final two week (one hard, and one soft) taper. Sessions have been recently updated for annotated descriptions and rationale, with nutritional, racing and pacing strategies where possible.

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