Pelotonia 130 Miler Cycling Plan (30 weeks) (BASE)

The Pelotonia 130 mile ride starts August 6th. This is a plan to prepare you for the ride with 30 weeks. Great for anyone who has never ridden before, as well as for those with more experience. This plan incorporates different levels of intensity. Low intensity should be a speed at which you can still hold a conversation, and medium intensity should be "comfortably hard" - a speed where you could talk but don't want to. Make sure your rest days are just that – rest. Exercise adaptation results from the stimulus we feed it, and rest days allow your body to come back stronger. Cross-training workouts are an important part of overall training. This could be a lift at the gym, a yoga class, or a light run. All plans are created by BASE Tri Fit's chief exercise physiologist and certified sports nutritionist Kevin Schill, MS CISSN. At BASE we believe in Balanced, Appropriate, and Specific training for Endurance athletes. Kevin has extensive experience working with amateur, collegiate, and professional endurance athletes and has dozens of published scientific papers and abstracts relating to exercise science and muscle physiology. For more information please check out and

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