Power-Based Triathlon Base Period 10.5-12 hrs/wk

This is a triathlete's Base Period plan created by Joe Friel and intended for the athlete of any age who trains about 10.5 to 12 hours in a week (there are shorter recovery weeks every third week). The volume buils gradually to, and then maintains, 12 hours weekly. There are options built in so you can increase or decrease the weekly volume. It may be used as the base period plan before starting any power-based Build-Peak-Race period plan. You MUST HAVE a power meter and heart rate monitor to use this plan. To find out more about how to determine your power zones go to Joe's blog: www.joefrielsblog.com. Start this plan about 23-24 weeks before your first A-priority race. At the conclusion of this 12-week plan you will be ready to begin training for your first A-priority race using a Build-Peak-Race Period plan. Select your next Joe Friel plan based on your A race--sprint, Olympic, half-iron/70.3 or Ironman. Strength training is not included in this plan in order to hold down the weekly volume. But if you decide to add it there are suggested days embedded in the plan. In this case follow the mehodology as described in The Triathlete's Training Bible (Chapter 13). You are encouraged to contact support@trainingbible.com if you have questions on anything related to your training. A coach will get back to you.

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