Power Sweet Spot Base - Mid Vol. II

By the end of this 6-week training plan, you'll have the opportunity to face & conquer everything from long aerobic Endurance rides to high-intensity VO2max intervals and everything in between. Sweet Spot Base plans are foundation training plans that can serve as the basis for all training to follow. Sweet Spot Base serves as annual opportunity to revisit the form work that often gets neglected as the cycling season progresses and then it helps establish the aerobic fitness foundation upon which you'll build your season's top fitness, all in as few as 4 hours each week depending on your weekly training availability. Following the initial fitness assessment (where your extract the FTP as 0.9 of your best 8 minutes effort) the Sweet Spot Base emphasizes pedal economy - via leg speed, speed endurance & varied cadence - as well as base aerobic fitness via a healthy dose of Sweet Spot training aimed at making every minute of your indoor endeavors count.

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