Raise your Anaerobic Endurance in 8 weeks (Cat.5-4 Cyclist)

This plan is built for the Cat. 5-4 level cyclist with 8 to 11 hours a week to train and has already completed one of our base training, season prep, or threshold plans (or other equivalent). The plan is designed to help you improve output of top end efforts along with repeat-ability of top end efforts. Improving anaerobic endurance would be useful to anyone that is finding their weakness to be the ability to follow repeated attacks, surges, and or having a hard time handling hard accelerations. In this plan, you can expect to be doing roughly 2 interval sessions during the week and either racing or doing longer endurance rides on the weekend to maintain aerobic endurance. To get started, you'll want to make sure you complete the field test in the attached training guide (under plan details) to establish your training zones for this plan. Make sure you are well rested going into the field test and have had a few lighter rides leading into the field test. Before starting this plan or any other plan, please consult with your doctor to ensure you are fit to complete a training plan with sustained cardiovascular workouts. For questions regarding this plan, contact Jason at jason@thresholdendurance.com

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