Raleigh 70.3 2017 Intermediate 16 week plan

The 16-week Intermediate Raleigh 70.3 training plan is for the triathlete with one or more seasons of training under his/her belt, and ends on June 04, 2017. Athletes choosing this plan have already done a few races including a Half-Iron or are coming into triathlon from another endurance sport. The program averages 11 hours per week with a recovery week of ~8 hours every 4th week. Monday is a typical recovery day. The biggest week is 12.5 hr (with options for more) and the smallest is 7.5 hours. The early weeks focus on aerobic development with a limited amount of threshold-type training. The later weeks include a fair amount of threshold and sub-threshold intervals as well as race-specific intensity workouts. The program includes effort levels & heart rate guidelines for the swim and run, and HR/power targets for the bike. Assumptions: athletes can run an hour, ride 1.5 hour, and swim 1,500 yards in separate workouts without difficulty.

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