Red Bull Defiance 12 week Training Plan

12 week Red Bull Defiance training plan, commencing on the 2nd of November and continuing until race day on the 24th of January 2016. This progressive multisport training plan is designed by Braden Currie (3*World Multisport Champion, 2014 Red Bull Defiance champion with team mate Dougal Allan, 2014 Australasian Multisport Champion, 2015 New Zealand Long Distance Triathlon Champion and NZ, USA and Asia Pacific XTERRA Champion. Braden has designed this program along with his long-time coach Tim Brazier. Tim Brazier is the head coach at Tri New Zealand and several years of experience coaching Commonwealth and Olympic level athletes. This specialised program is designed for those who want to take their performance to the next level. It includes a challenging but achievable 12-16hr per week progression towards improving not only your physical performance, but also a structured progression in skill development that will assist you to make long-term changes towards efficient and effective technique. This development in technique will ultimately provide you with the platform for making some significant gains in speed and performance on a long-term basis. The 12-week program will be integrated with regular blogs/newsletters that will give you additional information around nutrition, recovery and strength and conditioning. Technical videos will also be made available and cover skill development and illustrate drills that you can use as a reference throughout your training program. Additional and customised support is available for those who wish to focus on specific areas of their training.

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