Red Kite 12 Week Base Program

The Red Kite 12 Week Base Training Program is a holistic, comprehensive, and adaptable platform to prepare you for a successful road season. *Holistic*: Each of the 12 weeks includes workout protocols for each day of the week (including 1 rest day) scripted by power, heartrate, and rate of perceived exertion (RPE); nutrition guidance including goals and examples; strength and core work based on body weight exercises requiring little additional equipment; and a stretching and self care protocol. *Comprehensive*: Weekly workouts are structured to build off of and compliment one another. The workouts have been carefully selected and curated to develop a well-rounded skill set applicable to a wide range of racing situations and suited to racers of diverse abilities. *Adaptable*: Odds are that you have limited time to train and are living in a region with sub-optimal winter weather conditions; we kept that in mind when developing this program. Weekly schedules are designed to be flexible and adaptable. Key workouts are coded by priority/importance (A,B,C…) and flex days/optional workouts are included where most appropriate. This plan is designed to end (week 12, day 7) on your first road racing event of the season.

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