Riccitello's Intermediate 16-Week Half Ironman/70.3 Plan (Sunday Race)

This plan is designed for the intermediate-level triathlete. Most triathletes using this program will have finished a sprint or olympic distance triathlon and are looking to step up to the half-ironman (70.3) distance.

This informative, straight-forward and user-friendly plan will help you prepare for and successfully finish your half-ironman with gusto.

Weekday workouts are short and sweet: 30-60 minutes.

Weekend workouts are longer - with the long run starting at 45 minutes and gradually building throughout the plan to two hours, and the long ride starting at two hours and rapidly building to four hours. I consider the weekend rides to be relatively heavy, right off the bat. In general, I believe that endurance gains helpful to the half-ironman distance are best achieved via long rides - so be prepared to pedal!

I also believe that a touch of speed is helpful to the half-ironman distance. As a result, this plan includes a few weekday workouts that venture into the "challenging" category with regard to effort level.

Weekly total training hours hover around 8-10, with the longest week coming in at just under 12 hours. Rest weeks (every third week) are typically 5-6 hours of total training time.

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