Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy

Thanks for being a part of Smart Athlete and trying out this 'Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy' Training Plan inspired by the book "Saddle, Sore"

This plan will get you fit but also help you embrace many of the concepts discussed in the book, "Saddle, Sore" to make sure you stay healthy on the bike.

See www.saddlesorewomen.com for more on the book
This plan is best used when your racing calendar is lighter and you can focus on training frequently and with great focus. It uses a fair bit of intensity to ensure your weekly training load keeps building to ensure your fitness keeps increasing.

Volume is limited to under 8 hours including yoga and core to help you stay strong and mobile. These concepts are big takeaways from "Saddle, Sore" put into an actionable plan for you ! - ***SUMMARY OF WORKOUT SCHEDULE***
Month 1 is standing hill intervals and some muscular endurance work on weekend
Month 2 is hill sprints, Short Micro-Interval workout mid-week, Sweet spot on weekend
Month 3 is Threshold with bursts and a neat 8 x 5 min threshold set that works really well for learning to pedal hard for extended periods.


- Please feel free to email me peterglassford@gmail.com for more or get a 3-month Custom plan for $100 at www.smartathlete.ca to have the plan designed to you, your goals and your schedule. Thank you for checking out my plans! -

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