Road Build-Peak-Race Periods (Intermediate/Under 50) Power or HR 12hrs/wk.

This road cyclist Build-Peak-Race periods training plan was designed by Joe Friel to prepare you for an A-priority road race in the last week of the plan. It is based on the the principles described in his book, The Cyclist's Training Bible. It is best started about 11 weeks prior to your A-priority road race. Either heart rate or power may be used to gauge intensity. This plan is intended for the under-age-50 cyclist who has been racing for one or more years. To start this plan you should be able to train about 12 hours a week. Over 11 weeks you will increase your weekly intensity while weekly volume remains at about 12 hours (except for rest & recovery weeks every fourth week). There is an emphasis on high-intensity training to prepare you for the race. Optional strength workouts are included each week to maintain your gains made in the Base period (if you didn't lift in the Base period omit the strength workouts). The plan uses common language to describe the workouts and is easy to follow. By the end of 11 weeks you will have excellent fitness and be ready for your A-priority road race. Your bike training zones (heart rate and/or power) should be set before starting the plan. (For a detailed description of how to set your zones go to

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