Run 10K Training Plan (16 weeks - Sunday race)

This plan is designed for runners or triathletes who want to prepare for a 10K. It assumes a prior running background, and a time commitment of 5-10 hours per week for training. The athlete should have several preparation weeks of unstructured runs in their legs before beginning this plan—namely, about 2-4 hours of running per week at an aerobic pace.

The plan consists of three 3-week base training phases, two 3-week build phases, and a final taper week leading up to the race. Each 3-week phase consists of two weeks of increasing volume or intensity followed by a recovery week. Weekly workouts revolve around four key runs plus two recovery workouts. The recovery workouts can be easy runs or—for multisport athletes—swims or bike rides. A treadmill test is scheduled at the end of week 3, and 5K time trials are scheduled at the end of weeks 6 and 9. The plan is designed to peak the runner for a 10K at the end of week 16.

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