Run Boston: Boston Marathon Training Program/32 Weeks [BEGINNER]

This program is for beginner marathon runners and fundraisers (less than 3 years of long-course running experience) preparing for the Boston Marathon. Receive targeted instruction from Coach Tony Rich. USAT Certified Coach and 14x consecutive Boston Marathon finisher, fundraising expert and qualifier. Each program has base, build and peak phase. The 32 week program has a base phase of 10 weeks, a build phase of 14 weeks and a peak phase of 8 weeks (including taper). The program is a component of Run Boston (The Complete Toolkit for Running for the Boston Marathon) which consists of: 1) A 70 page eBook. Coach Tony takes you mile-by-mile through the Boston Marathon course and provides instruction on how to approach and pace the course, based on course topography. The eBook has detailed best practices for qualifiers as well as fundraising advice. 2) The "Performance Console" A dashboard and workbook of calculators designed by Coach Tony. A Body Composition and nutrition calculator, HR Zone Calculator, Race Nutrition calculator and the Boston Marathon Pacing Planner that's scientifically based on your fitness leading into the race. 3) The comprehensive training program powered by TrainingPeaks. The ultimate training and nutrition software. Use TrainingPeaks to analyze your Training Stress (TSS), Chronic Training Load (CTL), Acute Training Load (ATL), and come into form on race day by analyzing your Training Stress Balance (TSB). 4) Discount codes to receive a discounted endurance sports products. As a 14x Consecutive Boston Marathon Finisher, a Boston Marathon fundraiser, qualifier, a runner of 60+ Marathons, finisher of over 100 long course events and a USAT certified coach, I've put this program together a program centered around the best science available (i.e., power to weight ratios, VO2 Max, lactate threshold, muscular endurance...etc). These are the methods that I've used to progress from a charity runner to a Boston Marathon qualifier. The program incorporates tested and reliable predictors that have been proven successful. The program is also designed with the target peak volume (TPV) that scientifically demonstrates success in running strong through "the wall."

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