Runners: Improve your fatigue resistance in four weeks

This is a simple, evidence-based training plan for a six-week mesocycle. It is most appropriate for beginner and intermediate runners who are running 20-25 miles per week, but can be handy for advanced athletes who are pressed for time and require shorter, high-quality workouts that will produce results. The aim is to improve fatigue resistance and help you maintain your running speed during a race or other sustained effort. The target speed is slightly faster than your most recent 5k race pace. The interval duration is 400 m (0.25 miles). It is preceded by one week of readiness workouts and possibly a 5k time trial, and followed by a short taper and post-program 5k time trial. The calculation of your interval pace is described in the workouts. if you have questions after purchasing the training plan, please email me!

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